Andimere: a Living History

A forum for my home game of the Pathfinder adventure path Kingmaker. A group of heroes have founded the misfit nation of Andimere in northern Avistan.
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 Akatsuya's Actual Backstory

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PostSubject: Akatsuya's Actual Backstory   Thu Jun 08, 2017 2:28 pm

Akatsuya was born to unknown parents in Minkai. She was orphaned and left at a monastery near Mt. Yogan. The Monks of the Genkotsu tradition named her Akatsuya due to the color of her skin and the slight glow from her eyes. She was trained in monastic traditions of Irori and the Martial Arts. The monastery itself was known in the area as willing to take in outcasts and orphans, so she was unaware of the uniqueness of her appearance. At an early age she elected to take a vow of silence after an argument with another child left the other child in tears and her struck with the power of words so while she spent as much time learning them as possible she refuses to speak. There comes a time with all students in the monastery where they can be taught no more, when this happens they are sent out into the world to travel and learn from the world itself and its other inhabitants. These travels are known as the Master's Pilgrimage. The student may return in a decade and claim the rank of master should they so wish. They are sent out with a simple pack, a walking stick and their choice of a single item from the monastery displays. Akatsuya chose a hat she had always liked. As she traveled she found distrust based on her appearance but she refused to let it get to her. After a while she found her way to the Darklands and met the Oni. She was captured by them and sold as a slave to a traveling group of Drow and brought through tunnels and chasms to the Inner Sea region. It was while enslaved by the Drow she learned their Sakvroth. She trained her fellow slaves in hand to hand combat and lead a successful slave revolt about a year and a half ago. The drow she served had a settlement near the Emerald Spire and that's where she climbed back out into the sunlight. Since then she's simply continued to wander, looking to learn and to perfect her craft. Having now experienced the evils of the world she is seeking to attempt to align herself with Good to weigh them comparatively.
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Akatsuya's Actual Backstory
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