Andimere: a Living History

A forum for my home game of the Pathfinder adventure path Kingmaker. A group of heroes have founded the misfit nation of Andimere in northern Avistan.
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 Azazir Swordangel

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PostSubject: Azazir Swordangel   Sun Jan 29, 2017 5:39 pm

Azazir Swordangel; High Priest of Andimere (Aasimar Warpriest)

Azazir was born in Solku in 4647 AR to Azazog Aldori and Anorwen En'Galad. His history stretches further than that, however, as do his ties to Brevoy. In 4250 AR, Anorwen left her elven home to live among the humans who had settled in her homeland. While living in Rostland, she met a young aasimar swordlord, and paladin of Sarenrae, Azazog Aldori. In 4268, Anorwen became a paladin of Sarenrae in her own right. The two lived happily together until the invasion of Choral the Conqueror. Anorwen and Azazog were among the last to resist, but fled the country after the Battle at the Valley of Fire (4499 AR). Their service to Sarenrae led them to Solku, a small city in Katapesh. Anorwen joined the Dawn Vigil, guards of the city. Meanwhile, Azazog rose in the ranks of Sarenrae's greatest servants. His responsibilities caused him to become distant from his family. In 4647, Anorwen gave birth to their child, Azazir. A few years later, Azazir still a young child, Azazog left in the company of several powerful servants of Sarenrae, and never returned. What did return, however, were rumors that Azazog had fallen, and betrayed his company to their deaths. Azazir and Anorwen became outcasts in the community, and Anorwen retired from the Dawn Vigil. As he grew, Anorwen taught Azazir swordplay, and healing in the service of the Dawnflower. When he was old enough, Azazir joined the Dawn Vigil himself, hoping to redeem his families' name. He served bravely against the gnoll invaders. In 4699, as House Rogarvia disappeared, Anorwen mysteriously died. Azazir left Solku immediately, and headed to Katapesh. He He found work as a dock guard, but found it very unfulfilling. He quickly discovered that the company he was working for was shipping Pesh. He refused his pay, and stowed away on a ship headed for his parents' homeland. When he arrived, he learned the news of Rogarvia's disappearance, and the perilous state of affairs in Rostland. And hears about the call for adventurers...

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PostSubject: Re: Azazir Swordangel   Sun Jan 29, 2017 6:15 pm

Azazir is calm, quiet and serene on the surface. Under the veneer of calm though, rage a sea of emotions. He believes life is sacred, and happiest when aiding good creatures. He has a deep connection to, and reverence for Sarenrae, believing that she is the salvation of all things. He constantly battles with himself internally. He has a natural lust for power, and desire to dominate. He believes it is Sarenrae's grace that protects him.

Hard to miss, and benefiting from both elven and celestial heritage; Azazir is tall, lean, dark, and exotically handsome. His hair is pure white, long, and straight to his shoulders. His skin is a dark bronze, and his eyes are icy blue. His tall, slender frame is covered in dense muscles. His face has a canine shape to it.

Azazir on Andimere
When Azazir arrived in Brevoy five years ago, he was a lost soul searching for a cause. He got more than he ever could have asked for in Andimere. Aside from Sarenrae herself, Azazir's devotion to Andimere knows no bounds. He believes strongly in what Andimere stands for. A place for all who are good to be able to live peaceful, productive, happy lives.

Azazir on PCs

Maeve and Quilvys
Azazir's closest friends in the party. They have the greatest amount of his trust. He shares and admires Maeve's devotion to divinity. While he doesn't understand the arcane nearly as well, he enjoys Quilvy's curiosity about all things. He sees both of them as sisters.

Since coming to the party, Azazir has not really gotten to know Y'larra that well. Regardless, he has great respect for her as a warrior, general, and for her passion.

Like Y'larra, Azazir doesn't know Adrijc very well yet either. Also, like Y'larra, Azazir has great respect for Adrijc's abilities. Many combats have gone the parties' way because Adrijc was there.

When Titanious first joined the party, Azazir was leery of him because he was unsure about his degree of self-discipline. Lately, Titanious hasn't been a distraction, and has proved himself on the front lines. He is quickly gaining Azazir's trust.
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Azazir Swordangel
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